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Recent Speaking Engagements

Mr. Polebaum regularly speaks on international arbitration topics in a wide variety of settings all over the world. Here is a list of recent speaking engagements:

  • Speaker, “Getting It Right,” New York Arbitration Week, November 2021
  • Program Chair and Speaker, ICDR Conference on "Arbitrating Aerospace, Aviation, and National Security Disputes," April 2018, Washington, D.C.
  • Speaker, "Expedited and Emergency Arbitrations," GAR Live Frankfurt, June 2017, Frankfurt
  • Speaker, "So You Really Want to be an International Arbitrator?" Young International Arbitrators Forum, April 2017, New York
  • Speaker, "The Hearing in International Arbitration," 19th Annual ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Meeting, April 2017, San Francisco
  • Speaker, "The Arbitrability of Economic Sanctions," Georgetown International Arbitration Society, February 2017, Washington, DC
  • Moderator, "Parties, Counsel, and Arbitrators," Conference on Teaching Transnational Commercial Law, November 2016, Washington, DC
  • Speaker, "The Hearing in International Arbitration," Joint American Arbitration Association/College of Commercial Arbitrators Program, October 2016, Orlando
  • Moderator, Debate on The Use of Witness Statements in International Arbitration, College of Commercial Arbitrators Annual Meeting, October 2016, Orlando
  • Speaker, Round Table on Legal Privilege in International Arbitration, Revue de Droit des Affaires Internationales, September 2016, Paris
  • Speaker, USCIB Expatriate Subcommittee, "ICC Disclosure and Other Transparency Initiatives," April 2016, Paris
  • Speaker, ABA Dispute Resolution Section Spring Meeting, "The International Arbitration Hearing," April 2016, New York
  • Speaker, "L'Entreprise Face aux Conflits," November 2015, Paris
  • Moderator, College of Commercial Arbitrators, Debate on the Appointment of Arbitrators, October 2015, New York
  • Speaker, "The IBA Guidelines on Party Representation," New York International Arbitration Center, September 2015, New York
  • Speaker, CIArb Centennial Celebration, March 2015, Hong Kong
  • Speaker, Young ICCA, March 2015 New York
  • Moderator, College of Commercial Arbitrators, Debate on Tribunal Authority To Remove Counsel, November 2014, Marina del Rey
  • Speaker, Washington College of Law, "U.S. Supreme Court Decisions on Arbitration," Washington D.C., March 2014
  • Speaker, Georgetown International Arbitration Month, "Advantages of International Arbitration," Washington D.C., March 2014
  • Speaker, London Arbitration Almanac, "The U.S. Year in Review," November 2013, London
  • Speaker, International Bar Association, "Mass Claims -- Abaclat and Ambiente," October 2013, Boston
  • Debater, Hong Kong International Arbitration Week, "The Power of International Tribunals to Protect the Integrity of the Proceedings," October 2013, Hong Kong
  • Speaker, College of Commercial Arbitrators, "Arbitration in Latin America," October 2013, New Mexico
  • Speaker, PLI International Arbitration, "Pet Peeves of Arbitrators: Best (or at Least Good) Practices," June 2013, New York
  • Speaker, "Investment Treaty Arbitration," December 2012, Ankara
  • Speaker, "Litigation v. Arbitration: Pros and Cons," Hong Kong International Arbitration Symposium, June 2012, Hong Kong
  • Speaker, "What Israeli Companies Need to Know About International Arbitration," May 2012, Tel Aviv
  • Moderator, Panel on "Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes," Third Annual ICC Asia-Pacific Conference, March 2012, San Francisco
  • Speaker, "Discovery in Complex International Arbitration," American University Washington College of Law Eighth Annual Seminar, October 2011, Washington D.C.
  • Speaker, "Expert Witnesses in International Arbitration," CCH International Arbitration Summit, May 2011, Hong Kong
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